Diablo 3 Builds
Check out some of our best Diablo 3 builds that we have to try out your characters in different ways. All 5 classes unique builds are available. Barb, Demon Hunter (Dh), Wizard, Monk, and Witch Doctor (WD).

Barbarian builds
Crit build!bYf!ZcaZbb

AOE build!aeT!YacZba

Basically Leap attack and cleave to generate fury and the rest of the abilities will put the hurt down on everything in your path or around you.

Forest Gump build!ef!Zac

Berzerker build!bdf!cYbZab


One of the prime objectives of this build is to have Wrath of berserker active for as long as possible. That’s why that skill is with the yellow rune.
That is also the reason for Frenzy- it not only goes hand-in-hand with the theme of fighting fast and recklessly, but also more attacks mean more fury generation. Black rune makes you faster so you can reach new mobs faster, part of the theme and also keeps the attack bonus from fading.
Relentless is also a key skill. I’m just not sure whether to wait for it to trigger to activate wrath of the berserker or not. Anyway, when you are under relentless, activate rage (and wrath of the berserker if you hadn’t done so before), and then you’d be enraged (keeping with theme), attack faster, move faster, and have a higher chance of inflicting critical hits, which you’ll benefit from greatly with overpower (all of which keep the theme too).
Revenge is there coz if this build relies on you getting hit, well…
In case you’re about to die, you got sprint with white rune.

Overpower build!ZYd!ZZZbZa

Monk Builds
PVP build!aYe!cZabYa

Unorthodox Monk build!adb!YcaYcb

Reflective Damages build!VdT!ccccbc

Occasionally run these variations of passives depending on the Act: Seize The Initiative, One With Everything & Near Death Experience

Demon Hunter Builds
Ping Pong build!XUh!bbaZbY

Discipline build!gUa!YaYYba

Discipline Slow build!gUc!bZbZYa

Wizard Builds
Ice Witch build!TYW!.Zccac

Storm Mistress build!TYV!aZacY

Flame Witch build!TYe!ZbZbab

Arcane Wizard build!TYU!cZZaba

Does an insane amout of AOE damage

Witch Doctor Builds
4 Man Support build!hbV!caZZYZ

This is the build ive been using. Hex will CC practically anything short of the 4 main bosses and toad will eat some but not all silvers/blues.
Added to that you have snake stun on primary.

Dire bats is your mana dump, for this ive tried several but not sure what would be best.

BBV is obviously the crux of your support, combined with the CC effectiveness against elites is significantly increased for the duration.

Rest is pretty self explanatory.

Poison build!dc!bYZaYa