Diablo 3 Guides
Diablo 3 has five classes. Two are melee and three are ranged. All of them are pretty much well balanced and do not have rely on other supporting classes at higher levels. So if you are wondering what’s the best class among all, the answer really is that all of them. It totally depends on what your play style is.

Each of the five classes have their own Resource System (SP/Mana in other MMO games). The way you play your character and use your skills heavily depends on your resource system. More info about classes can be found in Diablo 3 classes guide.


Barbarian is the most popular melee class. It’s the only returning class from previous installments in the Diablo series. The resource for Barbarian is Fury. Majority of your basic skill attacks are for generating Fury which can be used for powerful skills. For more information on Barbarians visit Diablo 3 Barbarian guide.

Barbarians are aggressive and always at forefront of battle due sine they are melee.

Features: strong melee attacks, powerful charge-up skills, strong area skills, good crowd control skills (shouts), great skill effects, can dual wield weapons, tank, DPS, all rounder, good skills for PVP


Monks are melee/support class. They specialize in combos and other supportive spells called Mantras.

Monks resource system is Spirit which is generated when you use certain skills. You can only use other powerful skills when you have enough Spirit. Visit Diablo 3 Monk guide to learn more about skills and builds for Monks.

Weapons specific to Monks are fists and diablo but it’s always best to go with Daggers as they deal almost same damage but have significantly faster attack speed (which means faster Spirit generation)

Features: melee, support, dps, powerful combos, good area skills, good crowd control, good evasive skills, good tank, limited skills, can dual wield


Wizard is a new class in Diablo series but is somewhat similar to Sorceress from Diablo 2. Wizards are primarily a melee class but can be melee too depending on skills you choose.

Wizards resource system is Arcane which automatically regenerates over time. Skills are very diverse and good enough to make Wizards a very good all rounder class. Check out Diablo 3 Wizard guide to learn how you can Master the Wizard.

Features: Ranged, can be melee, powerful single target and area skills, very good defensive and evasive skills, elemental damage, squishy

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctors are primarily ranged but one can also make melee builds depending on what skills are chosen. They summon pets and other monsters who tank well and deal moderate damage for them while they stand back and nuke.

Your resource is Mana which auto generates over time. Your basic skills are inexpensive and barely consume any Mana but more powerful skills consume a lot of Mana and thus balancing use of skills and running around trying to stay alive are two things you will be focusing on. Check out Diablo 3 Witch Doctor guide for more in-depth information.

Features: Ranged, Very powerful single target, area and crowd control skills, Summons pets that tank and deal damage, very limited defensive and evasive skills, can be melee, squishy

Demon Hunter

All around, the Demon Hunter is a formidable class that specializes in Shadow Magic, laying Traps, and limiting enemy mobility with a variety of snare skills.

Rather than using an old-fashioned Mana meter, the Demon Hunter actually has two separate meters: Hatred and Discipline. Hatred refills automatically and fuels offensive Skills while Discipline is reserved for tactical Skills.

Using the class’ adroit use of ranged weapons, the Demon Hunter delivers painful blow after blow to his opponents from a distance. Because of his reliance on ranged attacks, the Demon Hunter possesses many snare skills and traps to force distance between him and his foes.

In addition to dealing damage, many of the Demon Hunter’s skills have a built-in snare side effect, allowing him to gain the luxury of ranged attacks at his leisure. Caltrops, which he earns at level 1, is one of the most useful abilities to slow down multiple enemies at once. He can lay as manyCaltrops as his Discipline reserves can support, turning encounters with enemies into a shooting gallery.

Remember, there is a diffrence when playing alone and with friends as Demon Hunter. When you are alone, use slowing attacks and kite the enemies around, when you are with friends, its a good idea to be focusing on bursting heavy damage out.

Diablo III also includes three different followers: Kormac the Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress. Similar to the mercenaries of Diablo II, followers are unlocked as the player progresses through the main storyline. While only one follower can accompany the player at a time, followers gain experience even when not in the player’s party.

Followers can be equipped with a minimal set of items, and gain two skill options at four periodic level-ups. Each time a new pair of skills is unlocked, the player must select one for the follower to learn. These skill choices can be reset and made again with no penalty.